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PlusChem is one of the world’s leading chemical distributor networks, and working with us offers many advantages for both suppliers and new partners alike.

Operating in over 21 countries globally, we work with partners internationally in key industries including pharmaceutical, food, feed, cosmetic, agrochemical, industrial, medical polymer, coating, adhesive and rubber.

In the coming years, we look forward to working closely with new manufacturers globally and indeed, welcoming new partners in to our network.

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For Suppliers and Manufacturers


We have years of speciality chemical trading expertise built up over the past two decades, our stakeholders have been in business for many more, in some cases in excess of a 100 years. With both technical knowledge as well as supply chain insight, we have a comprehensive understanding of the global market and will be a valuable partner for your manufacturing business.


We have well-established access to markets all over Europe and key territories across the world too. As a PlusChem supplier, that immediately opens up opportunities for you and gives you the potential to supply your products where we already have established supply chain channels..

Market knowledge

Chemical supply can be a complex business with many cultural, trading, and political differences between countries and even between near neighbours. Our unrivalled market knowledge means we know our regions inside-out and you can depend on us to understand the dynamics of each and every market we operate in.


We are a fast-growing network and our healthy turnover of approximately €1.8bn, per year ensures we are in good health. For you, that means you can be sure in the knowledge that even though we have been around for a long time already, our future is safe and secure and we are a supply-chain partner for the long term.


At PlusChem, we are proud to say we control our own destiny. And as family-owned businesses, when you work with us, you can be sure we will make all decisions in the best interests of our customers, partners, and supply chain


We believe in the power of collaboration and enjoy working with specialist manufacturers to drive our chemical distributor network. With your expertise as a manufacturer, combined with our market knowledge, you’ll reap the rewards of a truly collaborative approach.

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