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    PlusChem Partners

    PlusChem is a European network of independent distributors of speciality chemicals. Each national distributor has a long standing experience and expertise in the representation of international producers of speciality chemicals in their home markets.

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    PlusChem China

    The Goldmann Sichuan Chemicals Ltd representative office in Chengdu is responsible for the sourcing of chemicals to China. This team coordinates the import of chemicals from China for PlusChem members. Our local Chinese employees ensure optimum and efficient communication with local producers, this guaranteeing trouble free product imports to Europe. They are the group facilitatorsfor all communications with Chinese producers.

    The Goldmann Sichuan Chemicals Ltd representative office in Chengdu also plays an important role in the quality control of chemicals iported from China. Their experienced employees choose only qualified suppliers and monitor product quality continuously, as well as carrying out new supplier audits.


    Our associate member Chemet of India are a family owned company with HQ in Mumbai and offices in Kolkata, New Dehli, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, and Chennai. The company was founded in 1968. Chemet serves to represent Pluschem and its affiliates within the Indian subcontinent, and assist in product sourcing and supply for the group.

    Protea Chemicals.

    Southern Africa.