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    PlusChem Partners

    PlusChem is a European network of independent distributors of speciality chemicals. Each national distributor has a long standing experience and expertise in the representation of international producers of speciality chemicals in their home markets.

    NCC Torchiani GOLD MANN Barcelonesa Flinkenberg
  • Your Distributor for Speciality Chemicals in Europe


    Production & Logistics


    Altichem's warehousing complex is situated north of Paris and is 10,000m2. It has a separate hazardous storage area.


    Torchiani are based in Brescia, north of Milan. Their wholly owned operation includes 70 bulk storage vessels, 2 warehouses and a separate rented facility in Bergamo. Additionally they own a dozen trucks and trailers capable of shipping pallets, IBC's, bulk liquids and other packed goods


    Barcelonesa, Spain/Portugal

    Grup Barcelonesa have two logistics companies within their organisation. Barnastock and BDTrans.

    They have filling capabilities: from small 1 liter containers to 1.000 litersIBC’s, from bags to big-bags. Their integrated logistics operations includes 4 warehouses and two land tanks Paletized Storage of 70,000m2 # 56,000 pallets and Bulk 14,212m3 with bulk liquid storage having a tank farm and Sea Shore Tanks.

    • Palletizing
    • Repacking and redrumming
    • Liquid blending and processing
    • powder blenders

    a map of our European warehouses