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    PlusChem Partners

    PlusChem is a European network of independent distributors of speciality chemicals. Each national distributor has a long standing experience and expertise in the representation of international producers of speciality chemicals in their home markets.

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    Coordinator Team

    Our Coordinator team forms the operational link between PlusChem's daily functions, the commmercial activities of each PlusChem partner, newly introduced suppliers and local sales and marketing functions. Each member of the Team has been selected for their knowledge and understanding of the industry, and the requirements of the markets in which PlusChem operates.

    The Team meets 3 or 4 times each year to discuss our project activity programme, new product or supplier introductions, and how the activities and interests of the Group can be enhanced.

    PlusChem Affiliate Programme

    As a multinational distributor, the main objective of the PlusChem Group is to provide the highest levels of service to our clients. Our aim is to become a valuable supply chain partner, and as such we established our affiliate programme.

    The aim of the group is to enable us to develop relationships with interested parties in areas that will enhance the Group's representation and market coverage - for both our manufacturing suppliers and our multinational customers.

    If you would like full details of our Affiliate Programme and a PlusChem information pack please contact
    Dr David Salter, see contacts page